Abundance Attraction

Subconscious mind tricks are useful when trying to overcome your conscious impulses to achieve a certain goal, especially if you want to manifest wealth and abundance. Very often we want to do something, but find ourselves rebelling against the idea or postponing putting any effort to achieving them. However, there are some tricks or ways to make ourselves do what we want to when we find ourselves unable to achieve our goals. This website will help you dive deep into the subconscious mind’s arena – http://www.subconsciousmindpowertechniques.com
Here, in this article, we are sharing three things to keep in mind when trying to achieve something that you yourself are resisting:

Look at the big picture

Very often, we can get caught up in resisting small painful parts of a larger effort that will help us achieve our goals, whatever they are. For instance, if we want to get healthy and start exercising, we may resist the painful process of actually running, cycling, or lifting weights, since these activities are not enjoyable for everyone. In these instances, it is good to look at the big picture and what you will gain from it. Focusing on the increase in energy, from exercising, for example, and the fit, toned body you would get, and the increase in positivity from exercise can show you how much is to be gained and make the whole process of exercise seem more attractive and desirable. This can apply to many areas in our lives, when we find ourselves resisting uncomfortable effort and situations.


Look at what is to be gained

Very often we can forget what we want to achieve by doing certain activities that we don’t like. For example, maybe giving up junk food, or standing up for yourself for your rights at the workplace, or other such instances. In these situations, it is good to see the light at the end of the tunnel, to visualize the object to be gained from undergoing painful situations. This can motivate you to go through with uncomfortable activities because your mind will be on your goal and the effort will again seem worthwhile

Remember, you can do anything

Sometimes we may find ourselves in situations that we think we cannot handle or cannot face. In these times, it is good to think about the people who have been in your shoes or in much worse situations, and how they faced and overcame the obstacles. Remember that you are a product of billions of years of evolution, and that you have whatever it takes to not only succeed, but thrive in this life, and that if you give up before trying, you would not only have failed, but would never know how resilient you really were, and if you could have indeed faced and overcome that obstacle.
To sum up, human beings have infinite potential within them. We just need to harness the untapped potential of our mind in order to manifest abundance in any area of our life.

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